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    How Long Do Ovens Last

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      On average, an oven can last for up to 16 years with proper care and maintenance.

      The lifespan of your oven typically varies, depending on many factors.

      Some ovens can operate longer than others.

      For instance, a gas oven may last for 15 years, while electric ones can work 13 years on average.

      You can reasonably expect your newly bought oven to operate for more than a decade or two if you’ve got a high-end one.

      Over time, pieces of equipment like your oven will inevitably have deteriorated parts needing repair or replacement.

      Generally, it’s the normal wear and tear that often affects your oven’s condition.

      However, there are other factors that may tell how long your ovens can last.

      Here’s to give you some insights about this matter.

      Oven’s Craftsmanship Quality

      You probably wonder how long ovens last.

      One of the main variables that may affect your oven’s lifespan is the quality of its materials and components.

      Higher-quality ovens may offer you a solid two to three decades of service, which is longer than the average.

      When choosing an oven for your home or business, always ensure to get the one with proven and tested quality and feature.

      Frequency of Usage

      Some people tend to use their ovens on a daily basis, while others just utilize such appliances a few times a month.

      Frequently used ovens may wear down sooner than occasionally used ones.

      It’s best to track your oven’s level of usage so that you can be ready for any unexpected problems in the future.

      The Extent of Maintenance and Care

      Proper care and routine cleaning can help your oven last longer.

      Many latest models of ovens include a self-clean function which you may find very convenient.

      However, some experts may not recommend using such a feature.

      The self-cleaning feature uses extreme heat for oven cleaning, making your oven’s lifespan shorter.

      So, your best bet for oven care is to hand-clean it when not in use.

      You also have to be aware of any unusual changes in your oven’s functionality.

      Doing routine maintenance can help you take care of your oven properly.

      This will ensure that your oven’s lifespan will reach the average or even beyond.

      Professional Repairs

      Like all other pieces of equipment, your oven will eventually need a repair service.

      While you may choose a DIY approach for minor repair jobs, most oven issues need the expert’s help.

      If you don’t want to cause more problems to your oven, hiring a professional repairman is your way to go.

      The experts know what to do and will help you extend your oven’s serviceable life.

      Don’t settle for an uncertain DIY solution when fixing your oven – let the well-trained individuals handle it for you.

      You will not have to concern yourself with the repairs to prolong your oven’s lifespan when you know there are repair specialists who can help you with your problem.

      Always make sure that your oven only receives professional care for warranties and best outcomes.


      How long do ovens last? – It’s a question which most residential and commercial oven owners often ask.

      Given that most ovens last for more than a decade – it becomes a challenge to make your oven reach the average lifespan.

      While you can do this by ensuring the oven you will purchase has quality components, it always comes down to how you take good care of such an appliance.

      Your oven typically needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep everything in good shape.

      Some situations call for an appliance repair service, especially if you have major oven issues such as fluctuating temperature and damaged components.

      If you want to keep your oven in good shape by eliminating any potential and recurring problems, it’s best to get some help from Mississauga Appliance Doctors.

      We are a professional appliance repairman company, working to help every home or business owner maintain various types of ovens.

      Relying on us is your best bet to extend the life of your oven.

      Our technicians will make a move as soon as you call us for an appliance repair in Mississauga.

      You may book an appointment with our expert repairmen for your oven maintenance and repair or any other appliance services you need.

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