How Long Does a Commercial Dryer Take

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    How Long Does a Commercial Dryer Take

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      It’s a regular activity for people to wash and dry clothes.

      But washing and drying your clothes takes time and will test your patience, especially if you’re doing it in a traditional way.

      If you’ve been hand-washing and sun-drying your clothes, you may wonder how long a commercial dryer takes to get the job done.

      Many factors may affect the commercial drying time.

      Commercial dryers come in various models with different power and capacity.

      Some models may dry your clothes a lot longer than other commercial dryers.

      Also, the drying time may vary depending on the kind and material of the fabric.

      On average, the drying takes more or less 45 minutes at a full load.

      If you’re drying bath towels, it will take about 60 minutes or more.

      Small and light garments take 20 to 30 minutes, while cotton shirts, pillowcases, and sheets are up to 25 minutes.

      Commercial dryers differ from residential ones in terms of load capacity.

      Hence, it’s important to know the power of the dryer you intend to use.

      Here’s to give you further insights into the factors that may dictate how long a commercial dryer takes to dry your clothes.

      Why Commercial Dryers Take Too Long to Dry Clothes

      A commercial dryer is an appliance that many people turn to after washing clothes and fabrics.

      But, despite being a frequently used equipment, it tends to get neglected when it comes to timely upkeep.

      Suppose you’re in a commercial Laundromat to get your loads of clothes and sheets cleaned.

      After waiting for about an hour, the dryer prompts the end of its cycle.

      As you open its door to take your fabrics, you notice that some are still damp.

      This situation leaves you wondering how long a commercial dryer takes to dry the sheets and clothes you put in.

      Many commercial dryers receive little to no maintenance, which can impact their average drying time.

      Neglected dryers tend to experience different system problems that are not easy to fix.

      If you’re a Laundromat owner with many commercial dryers at work, it’s essential to keep track of their functions to prevent serious complications.

      Take some time to inspect your commercial dryers now and then.

      Doing so will help you discover minor to severe issues and solve them ahead of time.

      You have to take a closer look at your commercial dryers.

      See if there are defective components needing immediate corrective actions like repair and replacement.

      Remember that worn-out parts can significantly affect your overall commercial dryer operation.

      If your commercial dryer takes too long to dry clothes and fabrics, it’s essential to figure out what has gone wrong with it instead of turning a blind eye to the problem.

      Fixing Commercial Dryer Problems

      It’s never a good time to see your clothes still damp after waiting for an hour-long for them to dry inside a commercial dryer.

      Although dryers have an average drying time, results may vary due to their load capacity and the kind of fabric you’re drying.

      But one common reason why commercial dryers experience delays in drying laundry is worn-out parts.

      Many problems may arise from having damaged dryer components.

      It’s not only drying time delays you’ll have to deal with, but also fluctuating temperatures, strange noises, and the dryer not turning on.

      When facing such difficulties, DIY solutions might not be the best for you.

      Reach out to the professionals instead and find out why your commercial dryer is failing.

      The experts can also tell you how long your commercial dryer takes to serve its function.

      You can learn and make necessary repairs for your commercial dryer from the well-trained appliance repairman.


      It’s important to know the average drying time of commercial dryers in order to find out if the one you’re using takes too long to dry clothes than usual.

      Remember that some factors are affecting your commercial dryer performance.

      The type of fabrics and materials you’re drying, the dryer’s power and load capacity, and the extent of maintenance it receives can influence its overall functionality.

      Since many people rely on commercial dryers to speed up the laundering process, it is necessary to keep such appliances checked and maintained.

      Trusting the experts for your commercial dryer maintenance is the best way to keep it operating at an efficient level.

      At Mississauga Appliance Doctors, we have professional repairmen who will address your commercial dryer concerns.

      We are an appliance repairman company with specialized tools and well-trained technicians.

      Our team handles all types of dryers and appliances, whether you need repair or maintenance service for them.

      You can call us for assistance and further inquiries about our appliance repair services in Mississauga.

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