How to Get Scratches Out of Coated Stainless Steel Appliances

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    How to Get Scratches Out of Coated Stainless Steel Appliances

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      It’s a known fact that stainless steels have a naturally rough surface.

      But the coated ones come with a smooth surface which gives them a glossier look.

      The coating often contains a color to improve your appliance’s appearance.

      Coated stainless steel appliances are most desirable for many homeowners.

      They give your home or kitchen an elegant and clean feel with their smooth and shiny surfaces.

      But no matter how durable their coating is, your coated stainless steel appliance can get scratches inevitably.

      Rubbing with hard objects and other impacts can put a scratch on your equipment.

      Although using a scratch remover polish can help you get small scratches out, some unwanted marks may not easily go away with simple rubbing.

      Hence, it’s important to know how to get scratches out of coated stainless steel appliances and make the job easier for you.

      You do not have to feel stressed when you see some scratches on your appliances.

      Here are some techniques you can use to get scratches out of your coated stainless steel appliances in Mississauga.

      Pay Close Attention to Your Appliances

      Coated stainless steel undoubtedly gives various appliances an attractive and durable look, which is why many people prefer them in their homes and kitchen.

      Though coated stainless steel appliances are resistant to discoloration and long-lasting, they are often vulnerable to scratches and unwanted marks caused by contact with sturdy objects.

      Whatever the item is, if you accidentally crash it with something hard, you will most likely have to deal with significant scratches afterward.

      Before you start applying some possible techniques to remove the scratches on your appliances, make sure you’ve spotted all the unwanted marks.

      You can visually evaluate the extent of the scratches to decide what method to use for the best result.

      Removing Scratches on Coated Stainless Steel Appliances

      If you see that your coated stainless steel appliance only has small scratches, you can follow these steps to remove the unwanted marks.

      Clean the Surfaces

      To begin, you must clean your coated stainless steel surfaces.

      This will eliminate any dust and dirt lingering on your appliances.

      You can use a stainless steel wipe to clean the surfaces, rubbing it in the grain direction.

      If you don’t want to use chemicals, you can opt for stainless steel cleaning cloth instead.

      Apply Wax or Lubricant

      You can try to get rid of small scratches on a coated stainless steel appliance so that they will be less noticeable.

      When doing so, your first option is to use a specific type of wax that can remove scratches.

      Most people use car wax as it will remove scratches from coated stainless steel the same way it does with car paint.

      Applying wax can take out rust, repel water, and bring back the shine of your coated stainless steel appliance.

      You can put wax on a soft cloth and rub it against your appliance surfaces in a circular motion.

      Another option to get rid of scratches is to use a silicone lubricant formula or oil.

      Consult the Experts

      Do-it-yourself methods may address small scratches on coated stainless steel appliances.

      But severe scratches often need specialized tools for clean and thorough removal.

      Taking the risk of doing the job may lead to more unwanted marks on your appliance.

      So, if you’re in doubt, it’s always best to consult the experts.

      You can turn to your appliance manufacturer for the recommended repair methods of deeper scratches.

      There’s also a company like Mississauga Appliance Doctors that can help you fix any home or commercial equipment issue.

      Our appliance repair company works day and night to cater to all scratch removal and repair services in Mississauga.

      We will suggest the best methods on how to get scratches out of coated stainless steel appliances.

      On top of that, we carry all the needed tools and equipment to remove small to severe unwanted marks.

      Our technicians will gear up to deliver exceptional appliance repair services at your call.

      No matter where your location is in Mississauga, we can come anytime to address your appliance problems.

      If you need scratch removal assistance for your coated stainless steel appliances, you may contact Mississauga Appliance Doctors.

      We have local and on-call technicians equipped to deliver the service you need.

      Call us right now to set an appointment.

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