Scratch Removal on Stainless Steel Appliances

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    Scratch Removal on Stainless Steel Appliances

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      Most people favor stainless steel due to its durability and smooth look.

      It’s the best option for kitchen appliances, fixtures, and cookware inside your home or commercial space.

      However, stainless steel appliances can get scratches over time.

      You don’t have to live continuously with scratched stainless steel items.

      There are effective solutions readily available to help you get rid of appliance scuffs.

      Follow these simple but helpful tips for thorough scratch removal on stainless steel appliances.

      But always keep in mind to use only these methods on stainless steel items that don’t have a layer of protective clear coat.


      Removing Fine Stainless Steel Scratches

      When you want to remove fine scratches on your stainless steel appliances, you can use some cleaners to rub the affected area gently.

      If you have no idea what type of cleaners to use, you can refer to your appliance manufacturer as they often make their own cleaning product to treat scratched stainless steel.

      You may also use a stainless-steel polish to conceal minor scratches.

      However, you will need to keep on reapplying the polish on your appliances to keep them looking sparkly and fine.

      This is a method that might be best for appliances with coated film.

      You can watch this short video for further insights on how to remove fine scratches from stainless steel.

      Removing Deep Scratches on Stainless Steel Appliances

      The best DIY approach to tackling deep scratches is a piece of wet fine-grit sandpaper.

      The sandpaper you will use should be wet and back up with a polishing compound.

      You can start by gently rubbing the scratch with sandpaper.

      Make sure to blend with the direction of the grain and follow the brushed pattern.

      Don’t wipe the sandpaper on your stainless steel back and forth.

      This technique is only applicable with plain stainless steel panels and not for the coated clear ones.

      If this approach isn’t enough to eliminate the much deeper scratches, you may opt to hire someone with the tools and skills for scratch removal on stainless steel appliances.

      Cleaning and Polishing Stainless Steel Appliances

      Once you’ve removed the unwanted marks and scratches from your stainless steel appliances, it’s time to clean and polish it to have a sleek look.

      Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the scrubbed surface of your appliance.

      This will help you remove metal dust, sanding, and any remaining water or polishing compound.

      Make sure to clean every part and let it dry before you begin the final step.

      Once your stainless steel appliance is clean and dry, you can now polish it using a clean and soft cloth with a few drops of oil.

      Continue the rubbing process until you polish the entire surface.

      When you’re in doubt about how you can do scratch removal on stainless steel appliances, consult the manufacturer to know the proper methods.

      You may also turn to an appliance repairman company near you for assistance.

      The certified technicians are familiar with the most reliable techniques of removing scratches on stainless steel appliances.

      You don’t need to go through the scrubbing and polishing on your own. There’s an expert team at Mississauga Appliance Doctors that can help you with the work.

      It would be best to rely on experienced individuals to achieve the best outcome.

      Besides, you will be able to save and effort once you let our appliance repairman take care of the scratch removal job.

      Say Goodbye to Stainless Steel Scratches with Mississauga Appliance Doctors

      There are many DIY methods of removing scratches on stainless steel appliances.

      It’s up to you if you’ll rely on such instructions to give your appliances a whole new sleek look.

      While it could be beneficial to try a scratch removal yourself, you might find it hard choosing the method you should apply to your stainless steel appliances.

      Consulting your appliance manufacturer will help, but mostly it’s more convenient and safe to get the experts on the work.

      We at Mississauga Appliance Doctors have dealt with different extents of stainless steel scratches, from light to severe ones.

      We use specialized tools to remove deeper scratches and unwanted marks.

      So, if you’re having difficulties dealing with the problem, always know that we got your back.

      Just call us for service, and we will give your stainless steel appliances a clean and sleek polish.

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